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Coconut according Countertops & amp; Cies

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coco250x200& Nbsp; Countertops & amp; Companies presents healthy and delicious alternatives for gluten-free diets, low glycemic index or high in fiber.
Here are two specialties that deserve your attention: flour and coconut sugar.

Maya Fair Trade, a renowned range

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prod 4641_light& Nbsp; TERRA VITAL has incorporated in its proposals gourmet ranges of a pioneer of fair trade in Belgium: Maya Fair Trade.
Find his honey-known and also a wide range of products such as biscuits, cakes, spreads, confectionery ... We were particularly impressed by the range of chocolate bars.

Biofournil, news arrived!

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Dietary side, bread Gluten Bio Biofounil. Try it without hesitation.


buns x6

Next trend, buns BIOFOURNIL 6x50g to share good burgers BIO friends or family.

OmegaChoco®, pleasure and health

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Terra Vital offers a really very innovative product, it is the result of passion and research of the great Jean-Claude Berton chocolatier of Chatellerault region of France.
This unique chocolate combining health and indulgence, is a certified product Bio Ecocert, which did not escape the jury's & nbsp;International Exhibition of Innovation in Geneva in 2008& Nbsp; which awarded him its gold medal.


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